After 48 years of representing some of the best clients an attorney could ever have the privilege of serving, both Kirk Falvay and Kari Gocha have made the decision to retire from the practice of law.  Each of us thanks you for the opportunity to be a small, but hopefully important part of your journey.

In order to ensure a smooth transition, we made arrangements with a terrific firm that we worked closely with over the years to handle your matters going forward. As with any attorney-client relationship, it is entirely up to you who you choose to work with, but we feel confident that Kemp Klein Law Firm would be a great choice. If you are not a client of ours and need legal services, we encourage you to follow the link below.

Brian Rolfe is the main contact for Falvay Gocha at Kemp Klein. Brian will be able to either personally assist you with your matter or connect you with an attorney at Kemp Klein who practices in the area of your need.

  • You may contact Brian using any of the links above or by clicking on the image below.