Estate Planning Assessment

1. What are your fees?

Most of the projects we do for our clients are on a set fee arrangement. All of our estate planning work is done on that basis, as well as the fee for setting up a new business. When we are not able to set up a fixed fee, we are usually able to quote a range of the anticipated fee.

2. When do I pay the fees?

We require a retainer of one-half of the fee, and the balance upon completion of the project. If fees are billed hourly, a retainer is required for all new clients. Hourly fees are billed and to be paid monthly. You can pay on your VISA or MasterCard.

3. What are your hours?

Most of our meetings are scheduled between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. All of our attorneys will make themselves available after hours or on Saturdays to meet the needs of our busy clients.

4. Do you provide a free consultation?

Any prospective client can meet with us without charge for an initial consultation. After meeting with us, most people choose to engage our services if we can handle their matter.

5. Do you schedule in-home visits?

Because of the nature of our practice, we recognize that some elderly clients may not be able to come to our office. In special circumstances, we will meet them at their home or at the hospital.

6. When will you complete my legal work?

If you need an estate plan, we can get it completed in 2-3 weeks. Some documents can be drafted while you wait in the office. If you need to start probate, we should be able to have the personal representative appointed within days. We can have an LLC or corporation up and running with its own bank account within a couple of days. Your other legal needs will be met in a timely manner.

7. If I am your client, will you charge me if I call you?

If we are working on an on-going project which is being billed hourly, you will be charged for phone calls.

If your project is completed and you are a client, we will try to answer your questions without any charge if it does not involve a lengthy consultation or research.

8. Will you charge me to review my estate plan?

We will review any existing estate plan free of charge – whether or not we prepared it. If changes are needed or desired, we will quote you a set fee for the work. If we re-do your plan, we will do it at a reduced rate rather than at our fee for a similar new plan.

9. I have a trust. Do I have to go back to my lawyer?

You do not need to meet with your prior attorney. Many of our clients come from other law firms because they are comfortable working with any of our attorneys. Our firm has a welcoming environment.

10. My parent died. Do I have to go to the lawyer who drafted their will or trust?

If you are named as personal representative or trustee, you are free to hire your own attorney. We are generally retained by the children of our client, but it is not required. Many people hire us when we did not draft the trust or will.

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