One important reason to meet with an estate planning attorney is to have in place a legal document which states your wishes and directives regarding your health care. This is called a Medical Power of Attorney. Such a document is critical in the event you are rendered unconscious or otherwise unable to state your wishes. We can help you draft medical powers of attorney and advanced directives that will help your family and medical providers make important decisions if you are unable to do so.

Most people do not want to be kept alive artificially if their medical condition is terminal, or if they have lapsed into an irreversible coma. You need a document in place which will direct your agent to withhold life-sustaining measures if that were to occur to you.

We understand that an important estate planning goal is to ensure that our client’s health care decisions are appropriately handled upon his or her disability. We make certain that our clients have the necessary documents to assure their desired care.

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