If you rent out property, or are becoming a tenant, it is important that your rights and liabilities be clearly defined in a lease agreement. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, and whether or not you are involved in a personal or business transactions, we can assist you in this matter.

If you are involved in residential property, you need to know and understand your rights as a landlord or as a tenant under the applicable law. We can either review an existing or proposed lease, or prepare a new lease for you. If you are embarking upon a residential rental business, we can draft the appropriate forms for you to use, and provide you with legal representation should you need it if you have problems or issues with your tenants.

Many of our clients own and/or lease commercial property. We are experienced in commercial leasing matters, including the drafting or review of commercial leases. These leases are more complex and address numerous issues, not covered in residential leases. Before signing a commercial lease, either as a lessor or lessee, you should have an attorney review the lease for you.

If you are engaged in a leasing transaction, unless you are a tenant of a home you will occupy, asset protection should be a concern. You will want to consider how a given transaction will affect your liability exposure, and you may need to consider using a limited liability company or a corporation when you enter into a given lease.

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