Living Trusts

We are pleased to offer clients expertise in all aspects of living trusts. We understand that every client’s most important estate planning goal is to ensure that his or her personal matters and financial affairs are appropriately handled upon his or her death or disability. We help them achieve their goal.

By setting up a living trust, your family may avoid the expenses and long delays of probate, and may even save your family money on taxes. Much like a will, a living trust will describe what happens to your property in the event of your death. While you are alive, you remain in control of the trust and all of your assets, and have the power to change the trust at any time.

A living trust allows you the ability to delay distributing assets to your children until they are older and mature enough to be in a position to properly manage their finances.

In addition, we can design your trust in such a manner that your children’s inheritance will be protected against a subsequent divorce, their creditors, or future death taxes.

Trusts can be effectively used to minimize or avoid the payment of estate or inheritance taxes. Absent the use of a trust, the government may tax your estate when such taxes might have been avoided with proper planning.

If you are concerned about possible re-marriage of your spouse after you die, and your assets going to someone other than your children, a trust can be used to give you protection against such contingency. Moreover, we can show you ways you will be able to almost guarantee that if your spouse were to re-marry, your hard-earned assets will stay in your family.

We promote the use of living trusts as the best means by which you can plan for disability. If your assets are in a trust, should you become incapacitated, you can be assured that the person you want will be in control of your assets, and will use those assets only in the manner in which you have put in writing for them to follow.

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