Probate of person’s estate is necessary when a person dies if they own assets at the time of death which are not owned jointly with another, are not directed by beneficiary designation, or are not held in a trust. If the person dies with a will, the will is admitted to probate which appoints the person to be in charge of the estate (known as the personal representative), and directs the manner in which the estate is to be disposed.

If a person dies without a will, they are deemed to have died intestate. In such circumstances, state law and the court will determine who is to become the personal representative, and who is to receive the estate’s assets.

When probate is required, absent fighting between heirs or family members, we are able to assist our clients through this process with a minimum of delays, and controlling the costs and expenses to the family. Moreover, we have designed our probate practice to be handled, in large part, by our qualified paralegal staff to enable our clients to minimize their legal costs.

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