Trust Administration

When a person dies who has a living trust, a period of trust administration follows which is handled by the successor trustee(s) designated in trust. Unless a dispute arises, or clarification is required, this process is conducted outside of court. Therefore, a significant benefit of having a living trust is that court costs, fees, and delays may be avoided.

We provide legal services, as needed or required, to the successor trustees to assist them in settling the affairs of the decedent. This includes preparation of the necessary documents, notices, accountings, tax filings, and asset transfer forms necessary to complete the trust administration.

Even though a family member may have died who had a properly funded trust, the person(s) taking on the responsibilities of settling the estate will realize that a great deal of time and work may still be involved. The successor trustees who work with our firm find that we can guide and advise them through this process in a way that they can understand and follow, and complete to the satisfaction of the beneficiaries.

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