Trust & Estate Administration

The death of a loved one can be devastating.  The responsibilities of a Personal Representative or Trustee can be overwhelming, especially during the grieving process.  Let our attorneys provide assistance and guidance through the probate system, or post-death administration of trusts.

The probate process can be relatively simple or very complex and time consuming.  The Personal Representative has a great deal of responsibility and has to file many legal documents.  Our attorneys can help you with this process, and keep the delays and costs to a minimum.  In addition, our attorneys often represent heirs during the probate proceedings to ensure their interests are known and protected.

Although the post-death administration of a trust is usually probate free, it can still be an involved process, requiring legal direction and assistance.  Our attorneys will assist the Trustee through the administration to ensure it is handled as efficiently as possible.

Trust and Probate Administration Services

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